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Asian Breast Augmentation

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This website is designed to help educate and inform Asian patients on the latest and the best plastic surgery options to enhance their breasts.

This website is designed to help educate and inform Asian patients on the latest and the best plastic surgery options to enhance their breasts. 

Many Asian women desire a feminine shape and by enhancing their breasts they can achieve this goal. Women come in all shapes and sizes, however, in general most Asian women tend to be petite with smaller breasts. The images of beauty for women are constantly changing around the world, but one look that is always in fashion is a balanced and proportionately shaped body.

For over 20 years, Dr. Corbin’s surgical goal with Asian patients is very natural looking and feeling breasts with little or no scars on the breasts. It has been our experience that most of our Asian female patients are discrete and very private about their plastic surgery procedures so natural looking breast implants is best. Plastic surgery does not have to be obvious.

Because each woman has a different body type, body image, breast shape , we let our patients choose their ideal breast size. Before breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Corbin, each patient tries on different sizes of breast implants so they can decide on an individual basis what breast size is best for their desired body image. By selecting a breast implant that fits their body perfectly, Asian women can achieve a natural look that they could have been born with.

Dr. Corbin places the breast implants in through a very small incision under the arm, the belly button, on the dark of the nipple areolar complex, or under the breast in the crease. Of all these different choices , Dr. Corbin recommends the best choice for the individual patient based on her measurements, natural breast shape and desired breast implant size. Ideally, the best choice for most Asian women is to have no scars on the breasts or one that blends in with the color of her nipple. Many Asian patients are concerned about scaring so Dr. Corbin is very selective as to where he places his incision and very careful about minimizing the size of the incision site to reduce scarring.

All the patient photos and testimonials on this Breast Implants for Asian Women’s site are patients of Dr. Corbin’s . Because Dr. Corbin specializes in achieving very natural looking Asian breasts with minimal scarring he is a very popular plastic surgeon in many Asian communities.

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