Dr. Corbin's patient Grace Kim
Playboy Playmate November 2008

Patient Testimonials

"Improving the appearance of your breast and your self esteem"

"Corinne I know I have you to thank (as well as Dr. Corbin AND Peter!) for everything- without your amazing talents and faith in me, I wouldn't have gotten this fantastic, life-changing opportunity." - Dr. Corbin's patient Grace Kim
Playboy Playmate November 2008

I had been thinking of getting a breast augmentation for a very long time, but never acted upon the thoughts. It took me three years to get up the courage of making a decision to proceed with my dream. I had visited quite a number of plastic surgeons, but I was never quite convinced that the doctor was right for me. I wanted to be as confident as possible with the surgeon who I was going to trust to perform breast surgery on me. All these feeling of nervousness and apprehension changed when I walked into Dr. F Corbin's practice.

Dr. Corbin and his staff made me feel welcome, at home and more importantly at ease. They were patient with me and always there to answer any and all of my questions. I trust Dr. Corbin and his staff as they are experienced, caring and they know what they are doing.

After all my years of research I wouldn't have picked any other doctor to perform my breast enhancement surgery. Dr. Corbin is the BEST!

Thank you for everything. I thank you for making me look even more beautiful. I feel fabulous!

Thank you Dr. Corbin, Mary-Ann and Marilyn. You changed my life!

First of all I never thought I would ever have any plastic surgery ever! But boy am I glad I did! Dr. Frederic Corbin's office was and is the best! From day one the staff, front office and back office were outstanding. They were there for me every step of the way.

They answered the whys, ways and everything in between was answered and even when I had a question that I already asked they replied with a patient smile and answered me again.

The day of my surgery went so smoothly and without any uncomfortable situations. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Payne was also great talking with me before he put me to sleep for surgery. I was so relaxed and the next thing I knew I was walking up in the recovery room and my surgery was over. Amazing.

Dr. Corbin and his nurses are an asset to the medical profession. When I woke up in recovery, the nurses and his staff reassured me and made my day by telling me how beautiful I looked and how well my surgery went. They told me I looked great and they didn't lie!

 I would do plastic surgery over again a thousand times and would only have Dr. Corbin as my surgeon. I am very lucky that my plastic surgery was elective.  If I have the money in the future I want to have other surgery. If I ever move out of state I'd still come back to Dr. Corbin.

I respect Dr. Corbin so much. He loves his profession and his patients. I asked him why he chose to be a plastic surgeon and he said, “Because I can help people and also be creative” For me that says everything He really cares that his patients are happy, safe and look good. So I guess this is why Dr. Corbin is,”The Very Best”

Thank you Dr. Corbin and staff, you guys rock!